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Kustom Enchantment
Monday, April 28, 2014, 7:01 PM
Why Hello my Violent loves~ I'm a little late with one of these releases but man oh man has our Iki been busy!

First on the list is her wonderful debut at the Kustom 9 event with her to die for Gyaru Heels. <3 These are, as usual 100% hand meshed and textured... and are pretty much -my- new favorite shoes. XD

Aside from that Violent Seduction has also made it's way in to the Enchantment fair! This round of Enchantment works for prizes over just shopping! You get a stamp card and fill it up by getting items from the main stores of the participating designers and once your card is full you can redeem the stamps for an exclusive prize! The theme this round is Sleeping Beauty.

This hair is Violent Seduction's item that will get you stamps upon purchasing from the main store. After filling a card you can then go and redeem it for this pretty and dark lingerie set that is the exclusive for the event. Not only is it hand drawn and covered in drool worthy lace, but it's also Wowmeh compatible!! For those of you who don't know Wowmeh is the new completely fitted avatar. You can have any shape you want, and because Iki's awesome and made appliers can sport this baby while in your desired shape! O: <3

That's all the updates I have for you now, but keep lookin'!


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Big Haul! Cutie Moon & The Big Show!!
Thursday, April 10, 2014, 8:00 PM
Haay~ I have another big haul for you guys from the wondrous Violent Seduction!

I'll start from the first release since the rings and keep going! :D

Versailles is redone and is now available in a FITTED version. For those of you already with the dress, if you sent Iki a picture of yourself wearing the color you've purchased previously she will upgrade you by giving you the fitted version. For those of you who haven't gotten it before, it's available in fitted goodness now!

There's a new group giftie!! It's a delicious and elegant paid or finger tip rings with little jewels hanging off of them that fit Elegant 1 Slink hands perfectly but can be positioned to fit others as well. <3 Go snag those before they're gone! O:

This month is home to the CUTIE MOON FAAIIIR. Everyone who knows Iki knows she's a Sailor Moon fan. A perfect pairing with her Usagi hair is her new fitted mesh Eternal Uniforms which are available at the Cutie Moon Fair until the 14th! (I'm a little late with this one, sorry, but the event is still open, so hurry!!) It's available in all the inner and outer colors! :D

As if there isn't enough to make us oh so pleased this month, Violent Seduction is also making it's debut in The Big Show, which is an event for those of us with our meshie parts who need appliers. As her first release (in hopefully many to come!) she's put out an adorable lingerie set with a fitted mesh robe that is both elegant and sensual. Eos is available in pastel colors right now at the event!

I hope you're as excited as I am! >~<! <3

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