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Violent Seduction New Release - Bewbs!
Sunday, November 21, 2010, 5:28 PM
That's right! Bewbs! Prim bewbs! Violent Seduction presents a sculpted sweater with prim bewbs called, appropriately, Exposed.

These were originally made as a lark, but, what the hell, they came out pretty damned good! The prim bewbs are shaded to match the Violent Seduction Arsenic skins which are available again instore. All four tones are only L$400. The four tones will be set for sale separately at some point, so be warned. The bewbs are also tintable to match your favorite skin, and a notecard is included explaining how to do that.

Just a reminder: the Lucky Chairs still have two whole dress sets up for grabs in every colour, but those outfits will soon be gone forever to make room for new lucky chair items, so be quick! Here's your taxi!

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Violent Seduction New Release - Alchemy! and Loaded Lucky Chairs!
Sunday, November 14, 2010, 7:28 AM

Violent Seduction is back! And there's a new release - Alchemy in six lovely colors! Here they are (prepare for photo spammage!).....

Alchemy in Faun (brown)

And here's a closeup of the Faun color. Mmmmm... beautiful hand-drawn details - buttons and lace!

Here's Alchemy in Pure (white)...

Alchemy in Love (pink).... Yummy!

Alchemy in Death (black)

Alchemy in Coagulate (purple)...

Alchemy in Suffering (teal)...

The Lucky Chairs have also been updated and are open to everyone. (But this is subject to change - so play nice!) Test your luck and you can win Neurosis in five colors in one chair, and Hey Sailor in seven colors in the other. Here are some pic's of the outfits I grabbed from SL to show you.

Hey Sailor
Neurosis (lol)

Here's your taxi... same place, same great designs!

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Super Tiredface
Wednesday, November 10, 2010, 7:15 PM
Hi everyone

This is just a quick blog to tell you all that Violent Seduction is back online and ready to go.

I will be beginning to build some more dresses as soon as I finish my university assignments.

Please feel free to drop by and say hello! The shop is at the same place, and all dresses are in their vendors.

I have also put in a Lucky chair with the Hey Sailor dresses.

Hope to see you soon!