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Insomnia strikes again!
Monday, May 17, 2010, 11:04 AM
Oh joy.

Well considering that it's my holiday and I have nothing better to do, let's keep this blog thing going!

At around the start of May, the Macabre hunt started up and stuff. The theme is Edgar Allen Poe and I had a really hard time thinking up something to do with Poe that didn't involve Ravens or Tell Tale hearts.. So after 3 or 4 attempts at making something, I decided to go with his poem "Lenore"... Mostly because I liked the poem and my best friend's name is Lenore (Double win!)

So I made this hunt gift:

"Lenore Burlesque set, Macabre hunt exclusive"

Considering that I was on a roll, and probably not getting the sleep I should have been, I managed to make a full dress set to go with it. It's also called "Lenore" and comes with 3 Dress types (Lolita, Open front and Long) as well as multiple corset layers and accessories. Because I am lazy, I'll only show the long version with the sculpted veil.

"Lenore Set, Long Skirt 500L"

Yes it has been a long week...

Last but not least, I was messing around in 3dsMax and I made a new plushie. He was originally an octopus, but as Aura put it "YALL BETTER MAKE A TENTACLE MONSTER"... So I did.

"What more could you want in a group gift? - Tentacle Monster"

So yes, a very overdue update for my group gifts. Like my other plushies this particular creature will only be available for a limited time, and no, you can't buy him off me later. THIS IS IT, and I'm very strict with my Plushie policy because I like people to have something exclusive that they can be all like "YEAH BOY, THIS IS THE SHIT" etc.

As a very last note, it seems that Sound of Silence will be moving soon (I ran out of prims :P) to a full sim! So my shop will be moving in the not so distant future.

I've also revamped it already, so if you haven't seen it come have a look!

Thanks for reading,


A retarded update!
Thursday, May 6, 2010, 5:05 AM
Yeah sorry about that, I've been at school for 2 trimesters.

So apart from not blogging, what has happened?

Well, we moved from Dead Town with my bestest friends ever to a new sim; Sound of Silence. It's super awesome, obviously most of you have seen it and this is old news.

Apart from moving I released about 20 million dresses in the break, but considering that those are also old news I'll only tell about the most recent.

Also because I'm so unreliable with blogging I might possibly be using this for Work in Progress pieces rather than plugging my own stuff, because honestly, there are soooo many awesome people who pick up my dresses and write 10000 times more amazing things than I ever could. So consider this a first look blog for things I'm making. (And a big thank you to those who think my stuff is worthy of posting on your blogs)

So here goes:

During the million years I was gone, I discovered how to use 3DSmax thanks to my 3D animation class, and finally (FINALLY) someone has created an export script for it (Yay! I was waiting for months)

The downside is, I'm too lazy to make anything EXTREMELY epic with the current software, so the Big Sister helmet I was looking to make will now be on the backburner until future support is bought into Emerald.

The upside is, I can now bake realistic shadows on my dresses with Max Ambient Occlusion. My newest dress Larceny was created with realistic 3D rendered shadows for your viewing goodness. I'll continue doing it this way because I love it.

Annnnnd that's it for what has been going on. Stay tuned for pictures and explanations of WIPs and new dresses <3