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New Dress, New Shop!
Thursday, July 23, 2009, 2:54 AM
Hey everyone! I thought I'd update this once again with my newest dresses!

First up we have the latest; Aura.

Aura is a very elegant Gothic Aristocrat style with a split (As per Aura's instructions)
It does have a side split on one side, and comes with all the accessories you can see in the picture except for shoes, hair and skin.
It feels so great to roam around dark sims like Dead Town wearing this and pretending I'm an undercover assassin who totally beats up guys who call me "Wench".

People like Johnny Skosh, who is my neighbour. You should egg his build.

This months "Mix and Match" outfit (Which basically means I put it off so long that I ended up making a bunch of different variations of it) is the Chiroptera dress. Chiroptera is the scientific name for bat you know!

Not a very good picture, but if you look closely you can see the different parts. Chiroptera comes with a bunch of awesome stuff like shorter skirts, bloomers, overbust and underbust corsets... Pretty much everything you need. And don't forget the capelet, that thing looks adorable with the underbust corset and X pasties... Not that you wayward victorian girls would do such a thing!

And last of the new releases is the Necromantic outfit!
Necromantic also comes with a few variations, but they're all pictured here.
Something a little bit different for those of you who'd like to expose yourself to the world.

In a tasteful way, you know!

We're all about taste here!

Also, this blog is temporary. I have my own domain now: www.violent-seduction.com, unfortunately due to my extreme laziness as I have mentioned before, nothing is going to get done on that for at least a couple of months, and it's a miracle I'm even blogging right now :P

Here's the Surl:


New release and main store update
Monday, July 6, 2009, 7:30 AM
Hi again!

As I said before I am getting a main shop - I'm excited if you couldn't tell! So here's the update:

Lolli has finally got a sim - It's in the transfer process for a name change to "Dead Town" we're sorting out parcels, terraforming and so on. HOWEVER

We're looking for like minded designers who could bring a touch of their evil magic to Dead Town and join us on our long and arduous journey to grid wide domination awesome.

Applicants will be assessed on:

Build type (Clothes, skins, accessories)
Possibly attitude. (It's pretty obvious we don't want drama queens around)

Mostly we're looking for people who need main shops. The offer is 1000 prims for 8k a month on a private gothic/burtonesque/olde gothic london town estate. Send an IM to either me (Ikaru Aichi) or Lolli Munster if you're interested.

Also, there are small shops available in Hotel Munster, but primarily we're looking for people to rent main shops!

Anyway enough of this.

As I said before, I will be releasing a new dress with the opening of my main shop. I'm also releasing a skin or two and I'm currently working on outfits inspired by Repo! The genetic opera.

If you ever have any ideas for dresses or clothing you would like to see in Violent Seduction, please feel free to drop me a notecard or IM (If I'm online of course) and I'll certainly take all into account. I don't do customs but I certainly do take ideas!

Have a nice day or night


Saturday, July 4, 2009, 7:38 AM
Happy 4th of July to all you Americans out there! Hope you don't blow your heads off with firecrackers and whatnot!

Welcome to the Violent Seduction blog, I'll be your host Ikaru Aichi ready to lead you through the weird and wonderful world of Gothic Lolita!

Not really. So congratulations to me on setting up my own blog. I say this every time but I really will try to update this, I swear.

Apart from the many adventures of Ikaru, I've been kind of busy lately! Lots of stuff going on for Violent Seduction in the past few weeks. I'm not going to bore you with 93483092840392 product posts, but instead I shall show you pretty pictures!

The first one:

My new main store!

That's right people, no more crappy skybox. This mainstore has EVERYTHING. And I mean the works - complete with a decree that allows me to eat Aura's first born child.

The Main Store should be up and running within the next few weeks (Cross your fingers!)

My current main store is looking pretty neglected, but don't mind that. I hate it, it's annoying and I'm sorry for absolutely annihilating your wonderful shopping experience.

Alot of things are up in the air at the moment, but what we do know is that my main store is almost complete, it's awesome and a new dress will be released with it! You can see the sneak peek right here

By clicking that link you have agreed to join my group, so you better click it and gimme all your cute photos because I love them.

On another note; today I have found out that I have been accepted into this.

And also I'm auctioning off that awesome plushie that is on display in my shop at the moment... You can get it and free dresses that I have donated from the Lyme Disease awareness Fundraiser. More information on that is here.

And why am I doing that? Well because Ticks are nasty and one almost killed me one time when I was working in the garden :(

I use small text because it's cute, by the way.

Anyway, that's all for me! I hope you enjoy the layout~