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Two Mesh dresses from Violent Seduction!
Friday, September 16, 2011, 7:10 PM
I've been a bit busy building instead of blogging so this time I'll be announcing two of Violent Seduction's latest mesh outfits in the one post.

The latest addition to Violent Seduction's mesh catalog is the mesh remake of the very popular La Morte Imp. This dress is appropriately named "La Morte Elf" and comes in 5 beautiful colours:

La Morte Elf consists of multiple mesh parts that can be worn separately. The Skirt and corset are mesh while the rest of the outfit is normal. As usual, La Morte Imp can be worn in multiple different ways depending on your mood and how sexy you want the outfit to get!

The second edition to Violent Seduction's mesh outfits is the Persephone dress. Drawing inspiration from the Classic Lolita style, and paying homage to my favourite Lolita brands; Mary Magdalene, Innocent World and Victorian Maiden; Persephone was born.

This is a one piece mesh dress; it is one singular object, with a seperate bow and it also comes in 5 colours, more subdued this time!:

It is an adorable and more traditional addition to the Violent Seduction store, and would look perfect to complete the Lolita or Doll look.

To try the demos, drop by Violent Seduction and check out the lucky chairs too!