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Much needed update!!
Sunday, October 20, 2013, 8:45 PM
Hello Violent Seduction fans!

I am here to share wondrous news with you!

A writer has offered their services for the VS Blog to help keep all you lovies up to date with the releases! Having a business, creating items, having a full time irl job, and maintaining a healthy life style is a lot of work for just one person, so I've offered my services to help our dear Iki (Pepper!) keep up with the blogging part of the business.

My name is Chobii, and I'm suuuper shy so I'm going to keep this very much about VS and very little about me. However, it's important to know it's not Iki writing these because I may need to make corrections sometimes on things I say if I'm in error! (I'll try to ensure all the information is correct before submitting any posts, but humans are never perfect!)

There are a bunch of releases since the last blog post on here, so I'm going to go nuts and just start with the most recent and work my way back!

First off, Violent Seduction has a new LIMITED item in the RMK Halloween event; which is only running until OCTOBER 31ST. There will be no way to obtain this special color of the Nosferatu release after that date, so please check out the RMK Blog for information on how to participate in the event and take this gorgeously textured bad boy home for yourselves!

Information you will need:
RMKhow to
 RMK Gothic Sim

With that said and done, two items have been released for Halloween and are ON SALE for a limited time for the holiday. You can pick up both Nosferatu (300L) and Criminal (400L) at either the Violent Seduction main store or while running around the RMK sim in Iki's new satellite store! Both Nosferatu is available in 8 dark and rich colors(and one pastel if you're doing the hunt!) and Criminal is available in 7.

The texturing on this is breath taking and it was amazing to watch it turn from a scribble on a link Iki sent me to the wonderful thing you see shown. It has a deliciously low line for those of you who like cleavage showing and also works well with The Lolita Blouse (which I'll show you soon! O:) if you're looking for a little more modesty. <3

Criminal is not only totally awesome looking and leaves me thinking of a mob of adorable girls with it's pin stripes, but is also totally versatile. Each of the pieces attaches on it's own which makes it so you can wear just the skirt, the skirt AND the cage skirt, just the cage skirt and some panties, the cage skirt and some of Iki's mesh bloomers, and more.... Not only is the bottom part so easy to work with but the top has been tested with Lolas (both the tangos and mirage), puffy, and lush breasts and works for all of them! You can go with or without the corset and pair it with The Lolita Blouse for even more of that pin stripe suit with a cool skirt look. (Who is ready to start a mob with me? :'D)

Luckily for us, Iki thought ahead and made a picture of the different options. (In case I confused you... that should help, hm? <3)

How about some Accessories to brighten our lives?

This awesome Gacha came out recently and the items in it are both very well done in texturing and design but are an awesome addition to just about any outfit. In a whopping 16 colors for 35L a play they're so worth picking up even if you don't feel like a prince or princess yourself!

On to the wonderful blouse I've been mentioning!

The blouse is a system top with Lola/Lush appliers that has both rigged long sleeve mesh sleeves and short sleeves that can be worn with it. It comes with a rigged mesh bow and an unrigged mesh bow as well as a peter pan type collar. The Blouse was designed for use under mesh lolita dresses, such as Roseraie and Versailles (and works GREAT with Nosferatu and Criminal!) but looks great alone when paired with a skirt or bloomers. At only 100L a color, they're totally worth picking up and adding to any wardrobe for those times when you just need a nice shirt that keeps the girls covered but lets you make known that they're there! (Since it works with the appliers!) The Lolita Blouse is available in 18 colors.

Has anyone been to the Genre events? One of their themes a little while back was Lolita and Iki joined in and created this beautiful sweet colored dress which debuted there and then later moved into her main store.

The color of these pastels makes me so happy. Haa, I can't get enough! Another one where you can keep your yummy cleavage if you want or pair it with a modesty shirt or blouse if you're looking to go full lolita mode or just like to keep a more modest appearance. This beauty is available at Iki's main store for $300L a color with 5 sweet color options.

Need some shoes to go with all the great dresses you're seeing so far? Not to fear, Tacky shoes have color options that'll compliment anything in the Violent Seduction store and an adorable star on the heel.

I love the striped version of these, they're so cute. There are color options for the stars as well as the heels and if you get the fatpack you end up with the most color options! They're fun to play with, and only $200L each! Available in 24 color options. (Counting the striped ones!)

I'm not entirely positive about the time line from Roseraie on, so I'm just listing things now. XD!

This wonderful corset style outfit reminds me of med-evil meets more common day clothes. It has a sense of elegance and simplicity all at once. Constance comes in 6 different colors and is $450L a pop. Demo that, you'll love it!

Haaa, Versailles. This is the first thing I saw from Pepper when I happened back into Violent Seduction and I immediately fell in love. Iki's happened to capture both the world of elegance and sex appeal all at the same time with this one. It's wonderful for those into the Lolita fashion with it's perfect skirt shape and under-bust corset version which lets you wear a blouse rather than the whole dress or paired with her Lolita Blouses and it's sleeves. It also has Tango/Lush appliers for those who want to not only keep the cleavage but accentuate your curves~

Need a little more accessories? Pick up some

These large, fun, cute, and silly necklaces have different saying on them in Japanese in a variety of colors! Perfect to add a little something to your outfits if you're feeling a little naked in the chest area. There are 5 styles which are available in 6 colors each. Another Gacha goodies at only 35L a play!

Cutsie dresses not your thing? Not a problem! For more casual days take a look at the Ferale Mesh Hoodie

These cuties look both warm AND comfortable and are accented with cute little animal ears. 100L a piece in 13 colors!

If you're looking for something a little more for warmer weather, check out the mesh Bloomers and Sailor Shirts, which are a cute combination and also work really well paired with other things. I, for one, love the mesh bloomers with the Lolita Blouses. The shirts and bloomers are both 150L and are available in a vast array of colors. (16 for the bloomers and 29 for the Sailor Shirt!)

That's a BUNCH of goodies to look at, hm? But first's things first! That event won't last forever so get on down to grab your limited Nosferatu before it's gone like an unsupervised kid's Halloween candy!

More goodies to come soon! Keep an eye out!
As always all of this and much more can be found @

Violent Seduction

<3Chobii on behalf of Violent Seduction

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