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Royal Star & Usagi!
Thursday, January 2, 2014, 5:44 PM
Happy New Year Violent Seductioners!

I'm a bit late on bringing this awesomely adorable release to you called Royal Star that Iki released for the Gothmas event. Luckily it's not an exclusive and can still be bought in world at the Violent seduction main store! It comes in five adorable colors and is textured to have a heavier look to it making it great for Christmas/Holiday looks and winter looks in general! A total need for Lolitas!

Along with the Royal star dress, which is completely original rigged mesh, you get a promo version of The Lolita Blouse to go with Royal star to see just how the Lolita Blouse works and how good it looks under mesh dresses! Royal Star comes with a the cute little matching hat and the socks you see shown!

Another new release that was JUST FINISHED and put out tonight is the Usagi hair! Iki is a crazed Sailor Moon fan, did you know, and in response to The Sugar Garden releasing their Sentofuku Lingerie Iki made a Usagi hair so we can all run around as pretty sailor soldiers of our own! (and because she just had to have the whole look. XD!)

Usagi hair comes in 28 colors and as usual with everything in Violent Seduction is all original rigged mesh. Each color comes with the ondongo baubles! All of these Sailor Moon releases, personally, make me squeal. It's Sailor Moon's 20th anni soon, so let's hope the goodies keep coming, hmmm? <3

Get over to the Violent Seduction main store for this awesome dress and hair, and if you want some sailor Lingerie of your own head down to Oh My Gacha for a complete pretty soldier magical girl uniform... or.. most of one.. xD! <3

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