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Bad Blood Opening!
Friday, July 16, 2010, 5:22 AM
Hey everyone!

I have come to try this blog thing to announce the official opening of the Bad Blood sim!

We'll kick off the festivities with a giant party, tonight (Friday 16th July) starting at 6PM. The theme is Lingerie Masquerade and we will provide free lingerie and masks at the door, however; there will be prizes for people who are well dressed~

There will be giveaways, prizes and freebies for everyone who attends!

Participating stores include: Violent Seduction, Tacky Star, Rotten Inc, Not Too Shabby, December, Squeek!, Show me on the Doll, Mango Mango! and our newest shop Apex by Cheddar Blackheart!

Here's the outfit I'll be giving out, it includes the skin and the lingerie:

This outfit will be available for the entire opening week.

Also; I'm setting my Nymph and Astron outfits to half price for the first party, so if you haven't grabbed one; now is the time!

Hope to see you there, and a very big thank you to Desiree for maintaining my blog because I'm lazy as hell

<3 Ikaru

Violent Seduction New Release - Pan
Wednesday, July 7, 2010, 6:14 AM
Ikaru has just released a new hair! It's called Pan and it has cute little horns of hair on top.

Ikaru's updated the way she packages hair, so for the same price you will get almost double the colours in the "Colour" pack. She's also added two browns and two blonds to the naturals pack, and the hair is now scripted for texture and resize! Simply put the hair on, click it, and choose your colour! Saves space in your inventory!

Come and get it at Violent Seduction

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Plots available on my sim!
Monday, July 5, 2010, 6:17 PM
As some of you may have heard, we recently moved to a full sim at Bad Blood! It has been extremely beneficial to us, but we're looking for like minded people to join us in our cute little dark community

If you're interested, please come and visit this blog, because this will be a long post!

The sim is Bad Blood, we have 4 plots available with 937 prims, 4272 a month.

I've been building people's shops free of charge. You can choose to have me build your store; or you're welcome to bring your own (As long as it suits our theme!)

There is also the option of having your build underground if you'd like a less themed shop.

We get alot of traffic thanks to the wonderful people coming to our shops currently, and we hope to run this sim as a nice and friendly community with events and other fun activities to promote everyone's business as a whole. Of course you're not obligated to be involved in that sort of thing if you don't want to!

Stores on the sim currently are: Violent Seduction, Tacky Star, Rotten Inc, Not too Shabby, December and SMOTD.

If you're interested in joining our community, send an IM to me (Ikaru Aichi) or Aura Falta for more information!

And here are some pictures:

Tacky Star's underground shop

Two empty plots on Bad Blood, for rent!

Violent Seduction New Release - Astron
Friday, July 2, 2010, 12:09 AM
Ikaru Aichi of Violent Seduction released a new outfit tonight, inspired by her recent little alien girl creation, Nymph. Ikaru says she's been on a pink kick lately and wanted to make some cute space clothing for Nymph. Yay for us! It comes in all of the colors to match Nymph, plus black and white. Awwww look how precious Ms. Aichi looks in pink. :)

Astron comes in peace (white), love (pink), warm (peach), ocean (blue), ice (aqua), black hole (self-explanatory lol), and life (purple). The pieces include a sculpted collar, skirt, and sleeves, as well as boots. Ikaru also says that it also looks great on normal avatars, so you don't have to be a Nymph to wear Astron. Get yours today at Violent Seduction.

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